1. Crèche for the children of Mine workers: An area of focus is the eradication of child labour and increase in child rights through the formation and operation of childhood crèches in various mining areas throughout Rajasthan. The goal of the crèches is to upgrade the daily health and nutrition of the children and to develop their educational skills so that they may qualify to enrol in local schools. MLPC also operates community kitchen where mine workers families can access them to prepare food on a gas, instead of the traditional wooden stoves.

  2. Government Schemes: In collaboration with the government, MLPC organizes health camp in Mining areas, for mine workers. Apart from a health camp to screen for occupational diseases like silicosis and asbestosis, these camps link mine workers to government sponsored welfare schemes by providing them information on the schemes applicable to individuals; helping them to fill in the forms (since many are non-literates); submitting the forms to concerned department/authority; and following up on the pending status once it is submitted.

  3. Safety Helpline: Mine workers across Rajasthan call on a number to report accidents in the mines. This helps to notify the state and central authorities about mining accidents which otherwise go unreported or misreported, thereby denying any kind of compensation or medical relief to the workers. Besides, it gives the administration the opportunity to know about illegal mines or mining activity. The concerned District Collector, the officials of Director General Mines Safety (DGMS), the Labour Enforcement Officers (LEOs) under Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) are notified about every accident that is reported to the Mine Accident Helpline.

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